2014-11-11 Capturing Fire - Great Projects Photography
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Katniss on Fire

Katniss on Fire

Hosted a meetup at my studio where we played with fire, as in literally. It was pretty cold, but we braved the elements and got out there. We had about 35 people who participated, including two great models. One dressed as a great Katniss. I didn't end up with too many photos as I was busy playing host and helping people learn how to make the in camera exposure of strobes mixed with the torch movement.

We made DIY torches with 1"x2" wood, cotton fabric and tiki fuel. We tried out all kinds of fire dancing to paint the light on the 10 second exposures. One attendee brought along some steel wool and added the cool spinning sparks for some other compositions. All in all a great time was had and hopefully some creativity inspired.

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